Beautiful Korean Monsters

I’ve been addicted to psychopath killers and killers in general recently, and at first I thought it’ll just go away. You know that kind of feeling, of temporary addiction that will last for just one or two weeks? But then, it has been months! And I’m still stuck here.

So it actually simply started when I watch the Korean drama series, ‘Gap Dong,’ that was about a psychopath serial killer that hunts the lives of his victims which became his number one chaser later on.

After watching this, I read a lot of bio of true serial killers of our time and it just get me more and more curious about them. Anyway, this blog article is not for them, this is for my beloved Korean actors/idols who perfectly portray the role of a psychopath serial killer, or just a killer with their extra good looks.

Since I started with ‘Gap Dong,’ let me now tell you the number one on my list, and that is no other than…

1. Lee Joon as Ryu Tae Oh

One of my favorite scene

The character of Ryu Tae Oh was the copycat of the real Gap Dong. He actually adores the original killer that he ends up being his copycat. Let me clear this first, don’t you worry, I will not be a big spoiler (just slightly, haha 🙂 if you plan to watch the series that I might mention here. I’ll just talk about the actors.

So let’s go back to Lee Joon as Ryu Tae Oh. One word, ‘satisfying.’ He was just really great, especially in the scenes when he needs to laugh as a psycho, when he needs to smile as a flirty killer to attract his prey, when he needs to smirk like an evil coming from hell, and lastly when he actually kills! Though of course they don’t literally show how he do it.

As the story went on, I just found myself falling and falling deeply hard on him, to the point that I wish they won’t catch him. Mind you, since I love him so much, I didn’t pay so much attention to the love line of the main charas, I even skipped those kissing scenes! But of course, I still care about the plot, and I am confident giving that series a two thumbs up.

Moving on, here goes my number two…

2. Hyun Woo as young Cha Do Hyeok



It’s a requirement to have that kind of face

Cha Do Hyeok was the *tooot *toot. I told you I don’t want to be a spoiler! So about Hyun Woo, you should really wait for him on episode 13, since his psychopath laugh will be revealed and you’ll going to love it. I’m 99 percent sure about that.

This is Chanyeol, can you see the similarities?

Actually, when I first saw his scene playing nunchuks, his angelic face really reminds me of Chanyeol, one of the members of the famous group Exo. So I’m wondering, maybe Chanyeol could also fit as a psychopath killer? Kidding.

Does he resemble the picture on top? I couldn’t trust my own judgement, so feel free to comment down below your true feelings.

He will be the after of Chanyeol

But the thing that actually surprised me was, his face doesn’t seem to age! Oh yass! I couldn’t even barely believe it. Well, I’m not quite sure, hehe the picture might be taken before 2016, though the article that I’ve read was written February 3, 2016.

Enough of him, let’s again move on to my number three. This beautiful monster was actually also a cast of ‘Gap Dong,’ but his role was not a killer. He was a young detective who was part of the team who was chasing Gap Dong, so when did he became a beautiful monster? This was when ‘Pinocchio’ was released. He is no other than…

3. Yoon Gyun Sang as Ki Jae Myeong


That pain

This man is a hit, his character as Ki Jae Myeong was the type of killer who carries his vindeta until he gets old enough to search, and fire it to the people who framed his father who were actually the real culprits of the crime.


The bromance he showed with his lil bro Dalpo who was played by Jongsuk was also really satisfying, especially to my kind. Just a little trivia, the director of ‘Gap Dong’ and ‘Pinocchio’ was the same, and he was my favorite. His name is Joo Soo Won.

Okay! So my number four monster was also related to the series, ‘Pinocchio,’ and he also almost got the same role except for the killing since he did it when he got older. So, I’m actually talking to the actor who played the young Ki Jae Myeong who is…

From here…

4. Shin Jae Ha as Park Dae Young


To this

He played as a young killer on the series, ‘I Remember You.’ And just like his role as young Ki Jae Myeong, he was also a brother here who was left behind because of a sh**ty past. His father was also framed up by murdering his own family, so as the son who was the sole survivor of the crime, he knew that his father was innocent and kill the real culprits as his vengeance.

From here, I will focus on the series, ‘I Remember You,’ since this series has a bunch of beautiful psychopaths that will let you side on evil? Haha, well this was actually somewhat similar to ‘Gap Dong.’

For my number five, I will mention two charas all from the same series they were namely…

5. Sung Min Hyuk and Lee Jin Woo

They were actually the names of the characters on the story since I don’t know the names of the actors who played them, so please! If somebody knows them, please do comment below, so I could put their names here properly.

So let’s start with Sung Min Hyuk, he simply caught my attention when he went out of a house with his red checkered polo that was full of blood. Just, ‘wow’ right? After seeing that, I felt like writing a short story over his life.

And about Lee Jin Woo, what I like about this guy was his rebel eyes and browse. Like Hyun Woo, this actor also strongly reminds me of someone, and that was Kim Soo Hyun. It was because of their browse, it just that they have the opposite feeling. I mean for Soo Hyun’s browse, they are silently telling us how kind he was, while this kid Lee Jin Woo, his browse were shouting how rebellious and bad he was! Finally see the difference?


I couldn’t tell anything else about him, but the scene where he cried a lot was pretty amusing. He really did a good job on portraying that mix emotion of anger, frustration and disappointment all at the same time showing how much of a stupid he was. You’ll know the reason why, of my statement after you watch the series.

Let’s go down now to my number 6, which is…

6. Son Seung Won as Choi Eun Bok


His character was one of Lee Joon Young’s kid and also one of the detective who was part of the special team. You’ll actually going to be surprise by his role, I guarantee.

This is Joongki

And just in my eyes, he slightly resemble Song Joongki especially his lips, or maybe just because of the clothes?

NEXT! NEXT! NEXT! This one is my favorite, he is…

7. Park Bo Gum as Min/ Attorney Jung


Oh my super gosh! He is so lovely! I love every bits of him! His acting, his posture, his innocent eyes, his red lips, just exactly everything! Hahaha, I really want to cry, If I’m going to rank them he was actually my number one (and Jonnie will be my number 2.)

He deserve all those awards he got after the series. Can I-can  I cry? Lol. Well, I’m just over joyed right now writing this beautiful things about him, because who would have thought that, a man with that kind of baby like face will be a psycho?

Mang! His fight scenes? He still looks lovely and manly all at the same time! His grim smile? So perfect! His role as a Min? Also an A plus! I’m not ashame of exagirating my statements.

As a Korean enthusiast, I think many fans will agree with me if I say, fans of my kind loves bromance, and this series is just the right drama for us. Remember how Seo In Guk didn’t fail us on ‘Reply 1997’ also having a slightly bromance relationship with Hoya? Imagine that feeling plus add a lot more! It’s so heaven, watching their charas both giving each other a genuine brotherhood love.


Now we are down to my last beautiful monster, and without further ado, he is no other than…

8. Doo Kyungsoo as young Lee Joon Young


His role here is a must see! You’ll be very surprise on how terribly good he was on acting as a psycho. His dark aura just perfectly fit the chara, and I honestly want to see more of him in this industry. I mean, on acting.

I actually wanted to salute both him and Lee Joon for accepting such role, because unlike any other idols they just simply destroy the box of their comfort zone. And my gosh! Who would not give this two a clapping hand after fully giving justice to their role as a psychopath? The way they talk, the way their eyes moves, the way they smile, EVERYTHING! Just everything fits them well, so I really do hope a lot more dramas from them.

AUTHOR: G. Jaeli


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