[MKB I] The Crew


The beat was loud as usual, alcohol was pouring like rain, and smokes were freely moving on thin air like it has its own life, making the whole scenery foggy mashing with rainbow color lights that made the night more pump up; Flock of people gathered everywhere, some were crazily dancing in the center, some were enjoying their cocktail on the bartender, and some were just like us, enjoying our own peers, while playing hardcore in our own space.

It’s not that we don’t want to bang the night with others, but it’s just that we are all known to ‘other’. Our statuses don’t allow us to that extent considering that it might affect us big time. The worst is, our company might be at risk too. Okay, since it was finally brought up, I’ll confess that we are all artists. A well known music makers from one of the most influential label in Korean Hip Hop scene namely AOMG. Say it with me, “Above Ordinary Music Group,” didn’t find that cool enough? Then here, say it again with me, “Always On My Grind.”

It was more like a crew, rather than a company as we don’t have a hierarchy system, though we have CEOs, We were just made by a small group of amazing artists that share the same goal, which is to create good and great music. I am not being much conceited, just clearly stating facts, especially that they had a producer like me. Well, I have the talent to compose songs, and I’m not ugly, nobody has said it to me either.

So going back to our own circle, I am also grooving with the music with one bottle of beer on my right hand, while enjoying the burst of disco lights scattered everywhere.

I was taking a shot of my drink when I noticed something quite off near around the bartender area, where there were a bunch of guys flirting with only one young lady? It was such a scene stealer for me, since the lady doesn’t look pleased, and was most likely being pissed. She also doesn’t seem like a Korean with her tan skin.

“Ya, being bothered too?” I quickly glanced to Kiseok hyung who hung one of his arm around my shoulder while looking at the same direction as mine. Am I that obvious watching them from afar?

Kiseok hyung was known popularly as Simon Dominic-his stage name, and he was one of our CEO. A boss that was more like a friend to everyone, and a very affectionate older brother to me. Hmm, and he had admitted it before that the reason he joined this crew was because of me. I’m not saying this to boost my ego, but rather just saying how people think I’m great at what I do.

“Yep, isn’t it weird?”

“It does, and it looks like a ‘force flirting’ to me.”

“Isn’t that a crime?”

“Hmm… Yeah, but it’ll just cause a trouble if she’ll call a cop right now… Tsk, Seonghwa zzing!…” Oh Ghad, he did it again with his killer aegyo.

“… Let’s not stress our butt out of her, she seems strong having that kind of hair.” I’m guessing he’s right, ’cause there was no way that lady could attain that very light ashy silver granny hair color if her head hasn’t gone through a lot of different murdering process.

And another point was, we’re in a bar! She should have at least expected what the store was waiting to serve her before coming all alone. This is not a just usual place where you could play solo.  With that in my mind, I quit thinking about her security, and just keep up with my party pips.


After a few hours of satisfying our hungry soul for fun, our bodies felt tired, and finally decided to set home. In fact, many of us have gone first already, and only I, Kiseok hyung, Jay who’s surname was Park and also one of our CEO, Hyukwoo -mostly known as Loco, and Mintaek -stage name Elo, were left. Actually, it was amusing to see Mintaek to stay with us until the last drop of hyung’s drink, I am pretty sure he was not a fan of spending way too much time in places like this the last time I check it.

We were on our way outside, when Kiseok hyung and I find a familiar lady sitting with her head down on her knees at the small stair on the exit. She kind of appeared like the lady before. I was about to ignore her, after all anybody could possibly be like that for having too much alcohol in their system, I mean-maybe it was a different girl.

“Wait… She’s that lady, Gray!”


“The lady who was being harassed lately!” I thought Kiseok Hyung was being a little bit exaggerated, but his action made me also so keen about her that let my interest grew.

It was now very dark, and only the moon and the halogen lamp post give light to our way, so I couldn’t trust my eyes judgement, but after looking closely, I too, also finally recognized her.

“Oh yeah! That’s her.”

“What is she doing there???”

“Ya! What are you guys up to???” Jay stopped for a moment, when he noticed that both hyung and I were a bit slower than them. That’s an understatement, we had actually stopped following them.


“Gray look!”

I was about to answer Jay, but Kiseok hyung slightly pat my chest to pay attention to the lady who was now standing and had begun walking towards the nearest parking lot where I’m guessing her own car was on. She has this strong aura, that we couldn’t just take our eyes off her, and I don’t know, but her grip was firmly on the neck of the bottle of vodka that she randomly picked up on her way. I’m wondering what was that for.

“Who are you guys looking?” Jay barged in, which we just ignore.

We were following her every step until she stopped in front of a silver Vios which was surrounded by five men.

“Ya! They were the same guys who were forcing her to flirt with them not long ago back inside!”

“Is she being harassed???” Jay interrupted again, and without looking, we just nodded our heads ‘yes,’ even though it was a blunt assumption.

“Then why are we just standing here!”

I almost jumped in awe, when Jay suddenly ran towards them!

“Hey Jay!” I called out, as panic ran through my vein!

“Jay! Don’t do anything reckless!” Kiseok hyung also shouted as we ran too!

Damn it! He’s just our fcking CEO! THIS MIGHT CAUSE A BIG FUSS! The others followed too after seeing us in action! We saw how Jay stole the bottle of vodka from the lady’s hand since she was about to throw it to one of those bullies in front of the Vios before we finally arrived at the scene. Fck this! I don’t want to sound cheap, but imagine a typical street gang war that might actually turn into a real rumble!

My initial movement was to hold Jay’s one arm, while Kiseok hyung managed to put a big space in between groups. Tensions were building, and I cannot help, but to be nervous. A lot of scenarios were playing on my mind, and most of them were not good! I’m not saying I’m scared, but I have a strong fear on the consequences that will follow.

Jay was obviously impulsive! He had caused a lot of trouble before in his career, and we don’t want that to fcking happen again! A scandal means a lot of papers, a lot of talking, a lot of criticism, and JUST FCKING A LOT OF WORK CLEARING NAMES!

“Let’s not cause trouble here.” Jay said politely, trying to calm the situation.

“Woah, JAY PARK RIGHT HERE! Haha…” The guy with a big big head and small eyes said this mimicking how Jay usually say it. His fellow boozers laughed with him.

“You and your stupid crew should back off, that girl is mine.” His boldness blew me, and I’m wondering how Kiseok hyung was managing his temper right now. If I’m not only thinking about our image, this bonehead who acts as if he owns the whole universe surely be now flying outside the space.

“What? You own me??” The small voice of the lady made my head turned to look at her, and I can clearly see on the shadow of her face how mad she was. She was even breathing heavily.

“Yes, you’re actually mine.”


I heard some crack in her tone, a proof of how pissed and upset she was in the situation, but still trying to be so strong. I cannot blame the boozers to not be so attracted to her seeing how hot and sexy, she has been with just her white shirt and faded blue jeans. She was not super skinny, but she has those perfect curves that surely makes a man droll. Jay was half-blocking her from them, and there was a part of me that wanted to be on his spot, so I could also somehow feel her physique, even just a little.

It appears like she wanted to fight them with her small fists, and skinny legs, as if that will really help her. I bet she will be the one who will end up breaking all her bones if she even tries to punch them.

“Bro, she said it loud and clear, she doesn’t want to come with your gang.”

“Mind your own monkey-business-a**hole.” He was obviously insulting Jay for intently putting a mocking tone on his every word. This guy surely needed more love from his family.

“Woah, haha! I admit I’m an a**hole…” Being the natural Jay I know, that airhead’s absurdity didn’t even touch my CEO’s ego a bit, he’s not even close to his pinky.

“… But what will you do if we had already reported this sexual harassment you guys were committing since two from my crew witness how you bully this young lady even while we’re inside. The cops were probably on their way now, that will surely fcking put y’all behind bars, and I’ll closely watch YOU turn into a real Donkey Kong.” Now who became a true laughingstock eh?

“You know me! I mean, us-aomg, and I could just post your photos online! Say all sh*ts that I want, and netizens will do the rest for me! They could ruin all your life more than how much time y’all spend behind bars. Isn’t that scary? Your family will be affected too, so If you still have enough brain cells in your head, I suggest, y’all crawl back home now rather than staying here with the NICEST crew you guys ever met.” Woah, I never did imagine our boss could talk real nice sh*t.

Silence gnawed the tension as Jay and that doofus exchanged intense looks, examining the strengths of each other, until the mad man put an FU sign on Jay’s face before he motioned his troop to go. We watched them leave, and the heavy clog on my chest was finally cleared, when I can no longer see them on our site.

“Aigoo! What a scene.”

“Ya, Hyukwoo! Stop holding me tightly now.” The rough voice of Kiseok Hyung snatched all our attention, and made us all laugh when we saw how worried Hyukwoo’s face was. The formation of his mouth and brows were haunted by some kind of anxiety.

“HE WAS FREAKING STOPPING ME ALL THE TIME! Ya! I didn’t even do anything!” Kiseok Hyung clamor, while continually bawling at our poor terrified loco, who couldn’t at least hide his troubled affection. Well, our loco was very timid and gentle, just like how he resembles that cute fluffy bear named Pooh.

“Oh! We also have a scared cat here! Haha.”-Jay

“I’m much more afraid at hyung, rather than those sh*t heads.” Loco said defensively, but thanks for that little skit, it made the spot brimming with laughter.

Now that I remember, the young lady was the only one left with us, so my eyes stroll automatically, and that gave me the chance to stare at her longer than before.

Looking at her better, I can clearly say now that she’s generally alluring with her simple beauty. Her charisma was overflowing with bold letters “SEXY” slapping on our faces, and as I’ve mentioned before, her skin was light tan, making it her mark for being someone who lives with the sun more than the people who experience living with four seasons. Maybe her country was around southeast Asia? Or around UAE?

She has this natural small round face that many Korean girls wanted to achieve, a cherry lips that was perhaps top with just lipbalm or gloss? Fck! What do I even know about make-ups?

“Thank you.” She said while having no emotions tracing on her face.

When we all thought that was just her natural expression, the next thing she did was beyond our expectation. She swiftly moved pass Jay, opened her car, sit comfortably, and shut the door loudly as if nothing happened.

“Wow! That’s rude.” I blurted out in amazement.

“Ha ha, did you see how dead her eyes right now, after being so mad just a while ago??” -Kiseok

“Oh yes! She’s a bitch men! Ha ha!” -Jay

Okay, so are we sharing the same thought of how amusing her attitude? Cause if ‘yes,’ then isn’t that pretty cool? I wanted to stop linking her actions to her shouting sexy charm, fighting with my conscience to be a nice guy, but in all honesty, everything in her was so purely seductive.

“Wait, aren’t your pride hurt a little? She sounds like she doesn’t know us.” -Loco

“Come on! Maybe she’s playing hard to get.” -Elo

“And it’s too dark here! Maybe she couldn’t barely see us.” -Kiseok

“But the losers knew us!” -Loco

I seriously don’t know where Loco’s complain was coming from.

“Bruh! Accept it! We have zero sex appeal tonight! Hahaha!” Jay’s playful laughter was very contagious that it brighten up our moods.

I am not sure if I was paying too much attention at the lady, but I had observed that her car was not moving, it was not even turned on.

“Isn’t she leaving?” I ask, as my curiosity couldn’t hide himself anymore.

“That’s odd, what’s wrong again this time?”

And Jay being Jay again, he just moved closer to the car’s window to look inside.

“She’s sleeping.” Fck, I’m having the desire to replace his spot again. Can I be Jay just tonight?

“Really?” -Kiseok


“Maybe she’s too drunk to drive.”

Elo’s words draw a frisky smile on Jay’s face that also made his eyes even smaller, and I knew it! His playful mind was at its work again. My heart tweak a little as uneasiness creeps out on my body. I wanted to stop him, not because I’m afraid of the girl, but because I’m somehow worried about her? Wait… What the fck am I even saying?

“Wuuu! This is so nice! Let’s take our gentleman’s mode to the next level!” Jay said excitedly, WHILE his right fist was now knocking on the car window! He’s just insane.

After five knocks, the window slowly went down, revealing the fascinating woman again.

“What is it fck boys?” We were shock on her welcoming question, but rather than be disappointed by her not-so-good unforeseen lingo, we just find it all funny. After that, Jay leaned closer to talk to her more casually.

“Ya! Stop being rude, is this how you treat your mighty saviors?”

“Whatever.” She said without looking at our side, showing her zero interest in us.

“Hey, we really don’t mean any harm! And it seems like you couldn’t drive. Mind some help again?”

“Tsk, the moment you say ‘you mean no harm,’ means the opposite to me.”

That shut Jay’s off, and Ghad knows how we all hide our chuckles on our poker faces.

“But you can not sleep here.”

He’s being persistent and it seems like the girl was just being pissed and exhausted, especially when she looked up and sighed before saying something. That was the first time she gives us her attention, which I find kind of scary.

“Do you really think I’ll sleep here? Are you fcking nuts? Can’t you see I’m just resting, letting some alcohol go down in a minute, so I could fcking calmly go! Stop bothering me!”

This girl’s rudeness was really on the nth level as if Satan was sitting close next to her, and not only Satan was with her, but we could also see how Jay was getting fired up slowly showing his hidden hellish bad boy version. Loco even suddenly hold one of his arms.

“Ya! Stop reading between the lines, we just wanted to take you home to your place safe, we’re trying to be NICE and HELPFUL, so can you at least stop bitching around? Or if you couldn’t, just loosen it a bit, please?”

“Tsk. Fine!”

The girl was the one who broke the silence, get off her car, and shockingly showed us her key!

“Who’s gonna drive?” She asked, and Jay’s big playful smile came beaming again as he grabbed the key only to throw it to Loco.

“Wait! I’m going to take our car.”

“That’s so bright of you Elo!” Kiseok Hyung hung his arm to Elo showing his deep appreciation while giving our company’s car key.


I seated next to loco, so that made the three of them at the back, having the lady seat in between our two CEOs.

“What’s your address?” Loco asked politely.

“I’m not going to give it to you.”


“Exchange seat with Gray.”

My head turned to look at her, since we were all surprised when she mentioned my name out of the fcking blue! It was just my stage name guys! Mine.

“You know me?” I ask dumbfounded.

“Are you stupid? Your face is all over the internet!”

“Do you know AOMG???” -Jay

“Of course! Fcking morons!”

“Hahahaha! We redeem ourselves!” -Kiseok

The laughter couldn’t stop again, and I felt a little proud of myself, being the first one to be recognized though she called me stupid. Well, I really was… But that was just awhile back.

“Why do you want us to change seats? I can drive!” -Loco

“Dya really think I’ll trust you after watching a lot of video which includes your confession for your bad drinking habits?”

“AHAHAHAHAHA!!! You did a very good job Loco!” -Kiseok

“HAHAHA!” -Jay

“YA! You dumba** stop laughing on my every words!! Bastards, change seats already!!”

“AWW!” I cry in pain when I felt a strong force that roughly hit my chest, only to find out that she had handed me a piece of paper!

Pulling myself all together again, I check for it and it was a freakin map! How can a thin paper hurt like that? I even saw how Loco was dazed by her unexpected attack on me! To our bewilderment, we both quickly jumped off the car just to change seats!


We set off already when I was the one finally grabbing the steering wheel, and there was a red mark on the map which clearly showed us the hotel she’s currently staying.

“By the way, what’s your name?” -Jay


“Nice name, are you a tourist?” -Kiseok

“Can’t you fcking see on my skin?” She answered them sarcastically, but that just made us crack up.

“You have such a filthy mouth!” -Jay

“It was because of the alcohol!”

“Hahaha! Okay-okay, so-

“Ya! Can you stop asking st*pid questions? I’m trying to sleep here, please mongrels!!! Give me some fcking peace of mind!”

I cannot watch all of them properly considering the fact that I was busy driving plus they were on the back, but my mind can easily picture what was happening, especially how the annoyance drew on that lady’s face while being so distressed.

“Badass, hahahaha!” Jay said teasing.

“Hahahaha!!!” -Kiseok

“Geez! I said stop making stupid fcking noises!”

“Ooops! You’re saying too many bad words!” -Kiseok

“I’m just drunk! I’m actually very nice without the influence!”

“Really?” -Kiseok

I am expecting a sound of giggling and laughter, but instead I heard hyung’s growl!



“AWWW!!! NOT MY HAIR!” -Kiseok





I don’t know if Loco and I were having a mutual understanding about the situation, but the sound of hyung was simply horrifying that my heart rate increase in double.

“Hahahaha!” -Jay

“Ah-huh! You still find this funny???”

“AWWW! STOP!” -Jay

How I wish Jay just zipped his mouth. I don’t want to imagine it anymore, but I think this story was slowly turning into a murder case.




That was the first time I’ve ever heard Kiseok hyung say sorry! Just how terrifying this girl was?

“I”M SORRY TOO!!! AW!” -Jay

The car was bouncing a little bit, and I’m trying my hardest to ignore them and just focus on the road.

“Turn left…” Loco said casually, I’m guessing we’re really having the same sentiments. We are on the same boat anyway.


“ENOUGHH PLEASEE!” Kiseok hyung cried, and that sounds really creepy. Hyung’s image was very tough and strong, he always bring with him his overflowing confidence though he fell short on his height, and hearing his agony right now was very unusual! Where does his coolness go?

“I’m glad we didn’t sit beside her.”

“I should have gone with Mintaek.” -Loco

“Me too.”

While we are having a very light conversation, we could still hear the misery of our two greatest CEO in the back of this hellish car.


When we arrived at the hotel, we just drop her off the parking lot, and went to our own car which was driven by Elo who followed us.

“That crazy girl! She hurt me badly, I thought she’ll tear off my ear!”

“Just how much hair does she pulled off my head??”

Loco and I were trying our hardest to contain our laughter, after seeing how much damage the girl had left them. We really didn’t say a thing, until Elo came in with his face completely in awe.

“Uh~ hyung, just what happen to your left ear? And Kiseok hyung…”

“Why? Did I become bald already?? But I still can feel some strands!”

Elo’s facial expression twinge.

“Hmmnot really, but you look like a mess, do you want some band aids? You have a little scratches on your neck.”

And with that being said, Loco and I burst out laughing!

“That crazy b*tch! She’ll pay for this!”



“Hahahaa!” Somehow, we just found Jay rolling with us.

“Ya! You punk, stop laughing with them, you’re bleeding too!” Kiseok hyung said while pointing Jay’s neck! That made Jay automatically touch the left side of his neck only to see a little blood on his fingers.

“See! I’m not the only one! Hahaha!”



Well, as audience, we just couldn’t stop giggling at this AOMG mini gag show.

“Oh come on bro! Let’s just grab a band aid together.” -Kiseok

And as he always does, he also hung his one arm to Jay’s shoulder.



“Have you guys know her full name?”

Jay’s question got us all, and we just stared blankly at each other looking for answers, until loco pull out a white small card from his pocket.

“Green Cuppino, got this on her car.”

“Woah! You’re so reliable mate!!! Haha, she’ll going to pay for everything!!” Kiseok hyung declared as if we have finally won.

What a great night.

Oh! It’s already 2:00 am! Okay, so let me rephrase, ‘What a great early morning.’ That seems very wrong, right? -_-

AUTHOR: G. Jaeli

(Originally posted: Wattpad)


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