2 Times EXO and BTS Make Fans Desperately Wanting for Collaboration

Baekhyun and V
V and Baek posing together / Exolicy

BTS and EXO always come head to head in charts and awards, however, these fan cams proved that they could also party and have some happy moments together.

Last January 14, the annual Golden Disc Awards was held and many artists including EXO and BTS were presented.

During the award ceremony, Rain performed a special stage with his popular song Rainism. This hyped up not only the crowd but also his co-artists as well, specifically Baekhyun of EXO and V of BTS with his co-member Jungkook. Fans even caught a video of them dancing to the song, which rapidly became viral.

And on the same month, Seoul Music Awards was also held just five days after GDA. It was attended by many artists as well with EXO and BTS colliding again.

This time Black Pink had a special performance, and yet again fans caught EXO and BTS having fun side by side in their seats while watching the girls.

Seems like these boys could really rock a party on their own.

AUTHOR: G. Jaeli



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