5 Idols Who Were Always a Victim of Viral Memes Created by Witty Fans


Being an artist in Korea, where the majority of the people cares a lot about their looks, Idols always take care of themselves to always look gloriously glamorous in front of the camera, since they were on the front row in representing their country’s popular culture which was currently on trend.

But it seems like netizens and fans around the globe were looking beyond their almost perfect physical features, by making witty memes using their unexpected facial reactions caught on cam during filming.

So here are five idols who never fail to be in those hilarious posts roaming around the internet, and despite being not presentable enough, they still receive enormous love and laugh from their fans all around the world.

  1. Masta Wu, ‘That’s No No.’

Who will forget that line Masta Wu had said during ‘Show Me The Money 3’ when he criticize how Vasco always do rock rather than hip hop? I guess fans and even other artist just didn’t let those words pass. Wu1.jpg Wu2.jpg

2.  Mino’s Eyebrows

Winner’s Mino just got the talent to raise his eyebrows like a two opposing boomerang, and he showed it during their parody of ‘The Heirs,’ imitating Woobin’s brows. Maybe netizens just find it better than the original.


3. Rap Monster’s ‘You Got No Jams.’

Rather than being a monster in rapping, some of his BTS fans turned him into a real monster.


4. Oh Sehun

Having a derp face will give you a trophy to be in memes, and EXO’s Oh Sehun has all the facial criteria that you could easily find him when you searched about idol’s memes.


5. Super Junior’s Choi Siwon

Being a senior to Exo, who would forget the king of derp who couldn’t control his expressions that fans and netizens came to fully love from him?


AUTHOR: G. Jaeli


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