Korean Celebrities Who Look Oddly Similar

Write ups about Korean celebrity look-alike is not a rare thing anymore, however, netizens find these list of idols and actors who have an unusual resemblance to each other which could make you think twice if they were somehow blood-related.

1. The gender blenders

Kim Go Eun and Kim Ji Won of Ikon

Bobby dressed like a girl in their concert and some fans noticed that he also looked like Bae Suzy.

Moon Geun YoungNickhun

The two were always compared and you can easily find grid photos of them online.

Jun K of 2PM and Lee Cho Hee

I don’t know if you’ll agree, but I think they resemble each other quite big.

2. They mix then match

GD + YB + TOP = Mino


1. Upper part of GD’s face

2. lower part of YB’s face

3. Extra deep voice from TOP


Put them all together in a pan and bake in the oven for 1yr in 180-degree Fahrenheit.

Tada! Now, you have Mino on the plate.

During WIN era, not only fans noticed the similarities among this three, but also some staffs and co-artists as well.

Yeo Jin Goo + Joong Ki = Kim Minjae

This was captured during SMTM 4 where Kim Minjae joined as a contestant.

3. The past and the future 

Gray as a young adult, and Nam Joohyuk as an almost past adult.

Gray’s real name is Lee Seonghwa, he was a well-known producer from AOMG.

The younger version of Junhoe of Ikon, and the older version of Mansae.

Their resemblance became viral when Junhoe baby photos were revealed.

So what do you think about their similarities? Agree or disagree?


AUTHOR: G. Jaeli



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