Crazy but Brilliant Fan Antics that Really Happen!



Being in a colorful world of Kpop, it is not new to be crazily creative to get your idol’s attention or to do something beyond common practices to show your love and loyalty as a fan. However, some fans really took their gimmicks to the nth level that netizens couldn’t just ignore, but to share their antics online.

From creating colorful banners, doing fan missions in concerts, giving customized gifts, doing charity by the name of your idol etc. All of those were quite pretty basic when you enter a fandom.

However, here are some moments where fans do things you never thought someone would do, but they did it anyway. Some of these were even really got notice by their idols.

  1. These two fan girls who ditch their prom just to see BTS.
Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing and text

2.  These fans who made EXO as their thesis subject, hope they all graduated with flying colors.

3.  These fans who help Chanyeol in promoting his movie. 

4. These funny costume party theme by Shinhwa‘s fan club Changjo during Junjin‘s fan meeting.


5. This fan girl who carry a heavy watermelon just to give it to N during VIXX fan meeting.

N1 N3

6. And lastly, this kid who got the same attention he wanted from Jay Park.

AUTHOR: G. Jaeli


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